WhereAmI : Share My Location (iOS)


Wondering where you are?
This app will show the information of your current location including coordinates and address. And you can share with your friends.


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– Real-time Updates: Track your current location with coordinates, altitude and address
– Social Sharing: Share location with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Message and more. Or you can copy it to paste elsewhere.
– Compass Mode: Get to know which way you are facing.
– Map Type: You can toggle between Standard, Hybrid and Satellite view.

And it is free!!

How to use

  • The first time that you use this app, you will be asked to allow ‘WhereAmI’ to access your location. Tap ‘Allow’
  • When you open the app, the current location will be shown on the screen (Your current (approximate) location is  a blue marker. If your location can’t be determined precisely, a blue circle also appears around the marker. The size of the circle shows how precisely your location can be determined—the smaller the circle, the greater the precision.)
  • The information of your current will be shown automatically.


  • See below picture for more information about each button.

Buttons on screen - WhereAmI

  • You can add your own picture to share with your friends by tapping that the camera icon. Then choose to take picture or use the picture in the gallery. The picture that you chose will be shown.

Add Picture      Picture Added

  •  If you want to delete just tap the camera icon and select ‘Remove Photo’

Delete Picture

  • If you want to share your location, tap ‘Share Your Location’ at the bottom of the screen. You can choose the application that you want to use.


  • The information of your location (including the link to get direction), the picture of the map and your own picture will be sent. Please note that if you choose to share by Facebook, the message will not be automatically pre filled. (According to Facebook policy, user needs to type the content themselves. You can choose Copy action first, then paste in Facebook afterwards.)

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