BeParked Pro – Where Did I Park My Car (iOS)


Forgot where you parked your car again?
This app will remember the parking location and show the direction from your current location to the parking spot.



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Apple Watch Screen

screen390x390_1     screen390x390_2

– Parking History: All of your parking locations will be saved.
– Additional Information: You can enter your own information about your parking location.
– Adjustable Parking Spot: You can drag the pin to move to the desired location.
– Compass Mode: Get to know which way you are facing.
– Map Type: You can toggle between Standard, Hybrid and Satellite view.

Pro Version Features:
– Share Parking Information with your friends
– Set Parking Meter Reminder
– No Ads
– Apple Watch supported


How to use

  • The first time that you use this app, you will be asked to allow ‘BeParked Pro’ to send you Notifications. Tap ‘OK’. And you will be asked to allow ‘BeParked Pro’ to access your location. Tap ‘Allow’

Simulator Screen Shot Feb 28, 2559 BE, 9.30.10 PM      Simulator Screen Shot Feb 28, 2559 BE, 9.30.30 PM

  • After parking the car, open the app and the current location will be shown on the screen (Your current (approximate) location is  a blue marker. If your location can’t be determined precisely, a blue circle also appears around the marker. The size of the circle shows how precisely your location can be determined—the smaller the circle, the greater the precision.)

Simulator Screen Shot Feb 28, 2559 BE, 9.30.44 PM


  • Tap ‘Park’ Button at the bottom of the screen. Your parking location will be saved. You can enter additional information.

Simulator Screen Shot Feb 28, 2559 BE, 9.31.00 PM

  • You can adjust your parking location if the it is not correct by dragging the pin to new location.
  • See below picture for more information about each button.

Buttons on screen - Pro 1


  • When you want to go back to your car, tap ‘Show Direction’ button. Apple map will show you the direction from your current location to your parking spot.


  • To see information  of your parking spot, tap the info icon. The map that is shown in the page will be the same as in the main page. You can share your parking information to your friends by tapping the Share button at the top right corner. Please note that if you choose to share by Facebook, the message will not be automatically pre filled. (According to Facebook policy, user needs to type the content themselves. You can choose Copy action first, then paste in Facebook afterwards.)

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Oct 19, 2558 BE, 4.21.20 PM

  • To set Parking Meter Reminder, tap at the reminder icon. You can choose the date and time, the sound  and the message that you want. (Thanks for the notification sounds from

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Oct 19, 2558 BE, 4.21.44 PM      Sound Select

  • If the reminder is set the reminder icon will display the reminder time.
  • To see history, tap the menu at the top left corner of the screen.

Simulator Screen Shot Feb 28, 2559 BE, 9.32.12 PM

  • Choose ‘History’. Parking history list will be shown.

History list

  • You can tap at any row to see it on the map. On this screen, the parking spot is not movable.

Simulator Screen Shot Feb 28, 2559 BE, 10.17.28 PM


  • You can swipe to delete the record

Swipe to delete

Apple Watch

  • After opening the app in apple watch, it will show the screen below


  • Tap ‘Park’ button, your current location will be saved.
  • Tap ‘Parked Location’ to see your current parking location. You can tap at the map to get the direction back to your car.


  • Scroll down the page to see more information such as address, time and note.

IMG_9514       IMG_9515

  • You can tap at the ‘Edit’ button to edit your note message.
  • Below is the Glance screen. It shows the time, note and also the map of your current parked location.