BeParked Pro - Where Did I Park My Car (iOS)

Forgot where you parked your car again?
This app will remember the parking location and show the direction from your current location to the parking spot.

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WhereAmI - Share My Location (iOS)

Wondering where you are?
This app will show the information of your current location including coordinates and address. And you can share with your friends.

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DrinkMore - Drinking Water Alert and Hydration Monitor (iOS)

Drinking water is essential to your health. Do you drink enough water?
This app will help you track the amount of water that you drink everyday and motivate you to drink more water!

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DrinkMore (iOS) – New version 1.2.1

What’s New in Version 1.2.1 Sound effect when tapping buttons in Home screen You can turn it off at the setting page Custom notification sound for each of your reminder. You can choose the sound that you like for each reminder.